There’s so many benefits to becoming a member within our Dementia Doula’s International online membership community. Membership provides further ongoing education, webinars and up to date premium content.

Membership means you have access to …..

  • more in-depth interviews with those in the field
  • current information of what’s happening within the industry
  • practical resources
  • giveaways
  • networking opportunities
  • current research

How does membership work?

Membership can be secured online for a 12 month period.

Membership Pricing $499 +GST per year (registration for DDI Dementia Doulas only)

  • Membership includes:
    • exclusive entry to the online membership community
    • use of the DDI Certified logo (Terms & Conditions apply)
    • complimentary listing within the online Dementia Doula directory for maximum exposure
    • member discounts for DDI hosted events

We are proudly a self-funded community, and this is for one BIG reason.  All of my team have at some stage worked for government funded programs providing amazing services and support.  The disappointing part has always been the reliance on funding. Those dollars are essential to many services staying viable and what most of us have experienced is when funding stops, so does the connection and support.  A connection that many grow to trust and rely on and then it’s taken away.  We want to ensure our community stands the test of time and is here when it’s needed most. .  

Thank you for your support – Wendy




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