What a difference 2020 has made to our daily lives. While the world we once knew has changed considerably, it has also isolated many of us from life itself. This may be for all of us, just a small taste of what it might feel like to have dementia. To be cut off from loved ones and from a world that was already isolating and punishing, enough.

For me, it’s the sadness of seeing care homes going into lock down or implementing extreme measures in order to keep everyone safe. So, while this is an absolute necessity, it’s also heart breaking. It saddens me to know that those living with dementia are now in many cases more alone than ever.

What we’ve experienced through this pandemic is just a small taste of the world that someone with dementia lives in. While we have the hope of one day returning to normality, that is sadly not afforded to someone living with dementia.

Many families and friends are feeling this disconnection not only due to the lock down but also because many families are caring from afar. Whether they’re interstate or overseas with a great divide between loved ones, there’s still things that can be done.

It is still possible to bring a sense of comfort even when visiting and spending time with someone may no longer be an option?

Change doesn’t have to be about the big things, it’s often the small everyday things that often have the greatest impact. Whether someone is living with dementia at home, living next door to you, or in supported care, there is always something we can do to make their day just that little bit brighter.

  • Suggestions to let someone living with dementia know that you care and for you to connect:
  • Leave a note or card to say how lovely it was to catch up
  • Post a note or card saying that you’re looking forward to catching up soon for a coffee
  • – Use large print or font when writing a letter or card – Get family members from afar to email letters to you, print off and send or deliver to the person
  • – Encourage children to participate by doing drawings that often bring a smile – Drop off a care package wrapped as a present.
  • Include new slippers, books, magazines & treats

Get creative and let us know the ideas that have worked for you!

Suggestions adapted from Dementia Support Australia help sheet