At Dementia Doulas International you’ll find like-minded people dedicated to making a difference in the end-of-life space for anyone impacted by advancing dementia. Nobody deserves to go it alone and we look forward to helping you become – The Dementia Doula Difference.


Dementia Doulas ….

  • Take on a rewarding leadership role and lead by example
  • Give families back feelings of control
  • Provide families with empowering information and education
  • Ensure Compassionate care is a ‘must have’ in any setting
  • Stay connected through a supportive on-line community



As seen at the following conferences & forums:


Creating a community network around those impacted by advancing dementia when many feel disempowered and disconnected. 


Dementia Doulas

Training and supporting Doulas in their delivery of high quality Compassionate care during the advancing stages of the disease.

Service Providers

Providing tailored training for an innovative role to incorporate into any staffing model. One that supports staff in best practice end-of-life dementia care concepts. 

Dementia Can't Take Everything

Wendy Hall brings together those passionate about improving the lives of anyone impacted by dementia, raising the bar of expectation within the dementia care field. She shares her own insights and ‘light bulb’ moments in the hope that other will be inspired to do the same.

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Dementia Can't Take Everything

Wendy Hall has created an essential resource for Dementia Doulas along with those who practice dementia care from the heart. By sharing stories of hope and inspiration, this guide challenges all to continue being better at dementia care than we were yesterday while ensuring a better tomorrow. 

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‘A Dementia Doula brings a calmness to the chaos’

Wendy Hall –

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